Troubleshooting Air Conditioning Unit Malfunction

Home Inspection Guide For Your Air Conditioner

So you want to inspect your own AC unit? Okay, there’s a lot that can be admired about that. At the very least, it’s going to help the professionals a bunch when you call them up and have a better understanding of why your AC unit might be broken down. But you might not know where to start, and we’ll give you some quick pointers that’ll help out. It’s best to leave it alone physically, don’t touch any parts! But you can try a visual inspection.

Start with the simple – leaks. Leaks are one of the easiest faults to spot with an AC unit and are usually pretty bad. If you’ve noticed a leak in your AC unit, you’ll want to remedy it as soon as possible. Wetness around your unit or the walls could lead to mold growth, which leads to severe respiratory problems (in the worst-case scenarios). The sooner you can get a professional to fix a leak, the better off you’ll be.

Along with leaks, check the air that’s coming out of the unit. If you can still turn it on, do so and check. If the air is anything other than cold air, you know your AC unit is faulty. Perhaps that’s why you noticed something was wrong in the first place since the summer months have become a whole lot more unbearable in your home! Again, let a professional know if you spot this, as it’s a common fault with a simple fix (usually).

The Benefits Of Hiring An AC Repair Expert

Now we get to the important part. Hire an AC expert like Zinn as soon as you get the chance. They’ve got years of experience with air conditioning installation, inspection, and repair, so they will be able to pick out the faults as if it’s a second language to them. You’ll have a perfect time hiring one quickly to look at all the problems and pinpoint what might have caused it, as well as working out solutions quickly for you.

The time and money saved with a professional eye are second-to-none. If you haven’t considered professional help from a specialist already, then you’re not going to get very far. Sure, you could give it a try on your own, but we don’t recommend that. You’ll get more bang for your buck with a professional to guide you through the next steps. Inspections are straightforward if you know what you’re looking for.

When Should You Replace Or Repair Your Air Conditioner?

Let’s face it, and if we can choose, most people are going to pick repairs. They’re cheaper, and if there’s a way to save some money, most of us will jump at the chance! Unfortunately, you’re better off with a more expensive replacement, and there are a few reasons for that.

Firstly, the replacement will give you a newer model that will be more durable and give you years of service. Also, you’re guaranteeing longevity over the repair, which will cost you less in the long run. Repeated repairs are more expensive than one single replacement.